US preaches water but drinks wine

US preaches water but drinks wine.
On the 12th May, while the president of Uganda Museveni was being sworn in, the US delegates along with their other western cohorts decided to walk out in protest citing the presence of Sudan’s president Bashir and the comments made by Museveni referring to the ICC as “a bunch of useless people” as the major issues, but let me retrace my steps.
The US which claims to believe in the ideas of the ICC is not a member or a signatory to the Rome statue, on various occasions, the innocent people in the Arab world have been mercilessly massacred by the US drone air strikes and none of the US leaders has been taken to Hague to be held accountable. The US greatly lacks the moral authority to condemn any country in regards to the ICC, which on most occasions has served interests of the west rather than the core foundations and basis onto which it was formed. The international cancer calamity, ICC has focused on keeping African leaders that serve interests of the west in power and the Polar in its custoday. This ICC uses casuistry to enslave and not liberate the oppressed. I’m chagrined by the compendious evidence in the various reports constantly generated by Human Rights groups show how the US drone have done more harm than good, “…they kill vastly more people than their targets, often needing to strike multiple times. Attempts to kill 41 men resulted in the deaths of an estimated 1,147 people, as of 24 November. The U.S. came under heavy criticism for a drone strike several years ago against extremists in Yemen, which critics said actually hit a wedding party and killed women and children. In October, an AC-130 gunship hit a hospital in Afghanistan that was run by the charity organization Doctors Without Borders.” so who is the cui bono? It’s only after such people are flown to Hague to the International coercive conmen , ICC that we shall then think of the small fish like Bashir.
The western community has taken a toll on distablising Africa and the Middle East, our brothers in Libya or Syria can testify. Then after their media led by the Confusion nonsense Nuisance, CNN calls leaders in those countries despots! I too I’m against people reaping where they have not sown just like the United States. The banalities of these conventions have opened our eyes, we now know where to stand, of the people that robs us at night and send aid during day, of the devils that indulge in sin but claim to pray for us. Of the crypto-capitalists that perpetuate wars in Africa, we stand with Africa for Africa.
The question of leadership in Africa is an intricate and compelling tale of people caught in the throes of dictatorship . The notion of Africans being bred into the convetionality of leaders overstay in power cannot be overlooked, but while I don’t support Museveni I vehemently agree with his stance on the ICC. It’s a bunch of useless people indeed.
“let us bury Africa at the bottom of the world heap there never to rise again” Mansons.

                                                    Muganzi Brighton Tashobya
                                                    Kampala, Uganda.

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