My modal government 

Last night was quite a scary one, I was taken a far back to the lands I knew not, well, I guess it was dream-mare. It was more of a revelation but I saw how courteous our government is. You see, we Ugandans have always found great extremes of wealth disturbing, the reason we always have charming proposals albeit. It’s because of these beautiful proposals that I’m still engulfed in waves of depression as to why we can’t let our dear members of parliament, the ministers and other leaders get lump-chunks of their desires, I mean, only 68 million shillings for their Final Fantasy send off, call it a burial. Sshhh My brothers and sisters don’t say we don’t have medicine in the hospitals, we’ll take care of that later. I also know that the medics and interns have not seen a coin ages, but there is another financial year.  You see our members of parliament  are married to diamond-loving wives, so who cares about the mere 6 or more months our teachers have not seen their salaries. I tell you just 200 million shillings  to buy them cars is just a drop in the ocean. We can give them private jets if they wish, they only need to amend our constitution just a little and erase anything like the age limit. I mean we can sell our goats and raise billions, so let me not hear any professor at the mighty ivory tower claim incentives or arrears, I won’t tolerate that, we told you already, rearing goats is the way to go, it can buy you the National theatre since UBC is gone.  You see our mighty plan is to keep up with the creation of modern districts, make a mistake and say they don’t have roads , that disillusionment of unpatriotic citizens cannot go unchecked. Who cares about the roads, the pregnant women dying because they can’t get to hospitals, or your agricultural produce going bad. What we need is peace, and only peace. It’s that peace that the cranes qualified for AFCON even though some rebels claim that the coach is never paid. It’s those same rebels that we cane on streets, thumbs up to our police. It’s kisanja Hakuna mchezo. Joke at your own peril.
 “ The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again but already it was impossible to say which was which”.

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