Writing my life

On this day, 24 years ago, I’m told my story began, or so my birth certificate says.

 A story threaded by imprints of nurture and affection. Of sapphire skies when the orchids bloom, clouds like whipped cream, a heavenly delight. Spiralling mum’s blessing and my dad’s pride, my two lucky stars. God, to this heart you caused to live, colouring it with life from stone. It still beats.  From love, more than worth its weight in gold. 

 You my charming galaxies, my constellations, do you look how far I’ve grown? Kabutash is now a giant ! Ne ecisheijya

But save for the plethoras of love showered on me, it’s been a long long journey if not a voyage. And I’ve not been a gem all through, obdurate I sometimes get, but these constant storm clouds, I always outshine. 

To my friends, my life experiences paint splattered by your rhythm, and fights of course!  I cherish you more than you can fathom. We’re far apart most times, but my heart beats for you. You always give me a soft landing ground.  As my mind wanders, my soul remains intact just simply because it has one to lean on. Each time I look above at the azure skies, or the crescent crimson, I bless the heavens for you. 

Well, the story continues…

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